Campfire S’MORMON

SMORMON campfire


Caramel Chocolate Digestives
Toasted Marshmallow


This is an adaptation of the British S’MORMON, simplified for camping. No more mess trying to balance a two graham crackers, a piece of chocolate, and a hot marshmallow together! To put these over the top, try spreading peanut butter on one of the Digestives before adding the marshmallow.

An easy and flexible version of the Campfire S’MORMON is to use whatever cookies you brought on your camping trip — likely something hearty to provide energy while hiking. For example, here’s a picture of a Campfire S’MORMON using Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies that I made at Lake Tahoe. That was the same night we had to scare away a mother bear and two cubs that crept into our campsite. I couldn’t really blame them, since the Campfire S’MORMONS were unBEARably tasty!

SMORMON campfire 1


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