The Story of S’MORMONS

S’MORMONS Artisan S’mores grew out of a creative exercise to develop S’mores for regional areas of the world. In graduate school I had renamed a favorite treat from my childhood the ‘Texas S’more’ (a Ritz Cracker topped with peanut butter and half a large marshmallow — broiled in the oven until the top of the marshmallow turns golden). Last summer, I revisited this idea and decided to expand upon it. The first creation was the ‘Utah S’more’ (or ‘S’MORMON’), featuring pioneer-esque molasses cookies and a Ghirardelli Toffee Crunch square, along with a dab of marshmallow creme. The tasty success of this idea led to others until I had many ideas inspired by different types of cookies, flavors of chocolate, and holidays. Through it all the name S’MORMON somehow became the general name for all of them — likely because most of my immediate friends and family are Mormon like me. As the list of S’MORMON varieties grew, my wife and others encouraged this blog, which I have dutifully created. I hope you like it.

While other ‘recipe blogs’ feature in-depth instructions and a multitude of high-quality photographs, this blog does not. That’s because S’mores are so simple to make and since I want to eat or have others eat them as soon as they are made. I hope you don’t mind, but I’d rather you try the ‘recipes’ for yourself and, more importantly, be inspired to create your own.

6 April 2015


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