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Double Chocolate Chip S’MORMON

SMORMON double chocolate chip


Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies
Marshmallow Creme


The easy way to make a S’MORMON is to just put marshmallow creme between whatever cookies your wife happens to be baking on any given night! These cookies feature Ghirardelli milk chocolate chips which add a luxuriant creaminess to the dark chocolate dough. These cookies would make pretty good S’MORMONS no matter what type of chips you use — white chocolate, semi-sweet, peanut butter, butterscotch, mint, etc. You’ll have to change the name of the S’MORMON to match the chip, though, but that’s the magic and flexibility of S’MORMONS. If you can think it, you can S’MORE it!


Andes Mint Chocolate Chip S’MORMON



1. Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies
2. Andes Mints
3. Marshmallow Creme


My friend, Greg, came up with the idea for this recipe, so I wanted to try it out. We used 2 Andes Mints for each S’MORMON and thought it had a good balance of flavor, but you’ll want to experiment a bit to see what amount of mint satisfies your taste buds.